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ATTENTION: Disney Pin Traders

I’m in need of money for college so I am selling some of my duplicates and traders. I’ll be posting the pins I have for sale as I go through them.

I will list my asking price and all other necessary information with the pin(s). If you would like a better picture/closeup/a picture of the back/etc, just send me a shoutout and I’ll be happy to help you.

Cards: Most of my pins are not on their “cards.” They have been removed from their cards prior to being put in my pin books. Although, rarely, I do have pins with their original card.

Shipping is $1.00 US for each individual pin. No tax will be applied to your order, but I do charge an additional $1.00 US fee for delivery confirmation (for orders inside the US). I also ship *anywhere.

Don’t find something you’re looking for? If you are looking for a recent or future release from Disneyland/DCA (California parks), send me a message with a description of the pin you are looking for, and note if the pin has come out or the date it will come out. From there, I will buy the pin and we can further discuss price, shipping, and payment. This way, you don’t have to visit the parks to snag the pin you’re hoping to get!

If you are interested or have any further questions, please send me a message and include the pin(s) you are interested in or have questions about and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you and have a magical day!

*Additional shipping will be charged for orders outside of the United States. Delivery confirmation is not available for orders outside the US.

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